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Biology IA - ideas space links

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

  1. Use the App 'Picture This' or 'iNaturalist' to identify the species of individual plants in an area. Then quantify biodiversity with SDI calculation. Use this in conjunction with IPBES.

  2. Apply tech to collect data - Audubon Society - annual bird count

Reference: Oxford Biology for IB Diploma, 2023 - p. 164

  1. One possible explanation for the differences in annual fluctuations in atmospheric CO2 at the different monitoring stations shown in Figure 34 could be the percentage of temperate forest cover in the vicinity of the testing station. Other possibilities include differences in total land mass between the northern and southern hemispheres; seasonal temperature variations; and even volcanic activity. Gather data from the databases to test these hyptheses.

  2. what other possible relationships exist between forest cover variables and atmospheric CO2 levels, that can be tested usign these or similar databases?

Reference: Oxford Biology for IB Diploma, 2023 - p. 550

  1. Extracting data from a database - Global Forest Watch - this interactive website allows you to detect deforestation in real time with updates every week. You can track deforestation and reforestation in your country, or you can 'adopt' a region in another country to monitor the state of the forests. Is there a correlation between ...

Reference: Oxford Biology for IB Diploma, 2023 - p. 760

  1. webstie - our world in data - example - land covered by forest in countries over time selected from a menu

  2. If allowed to use small fish available in aquatic stores, could aquatic terrariums be created in tanks to see effect of having fish on a measurable parameter eg. gas levels or anything else using a data logger ... logger pro .. could students set up terresterial or aquatic mesocosms as models of real ecosystemsa change 5 levels of a certain IV? 3 important Qs are posed and should be referred to before setting up aquatic or terresterial mesocosms. Refer to 'impacts of science' ethical considerations before setting up a mesocosm.

Reference: Oxford Biology for IB Diploma, 2023 - p. 761

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