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Welcome to Chemistry Year 7!

Educational Plan: What abilities will I be evaluated and assessed on?

For the Particle Model

Mixing and Separating Substances

Click on This Link and Answer Qs

Properties of Mixtures and Pure Substances

Acids and Bases

Slides and Readings

The Particle Model

Expansion and Contraction


Earth: The Water Planet

Water Cleaning

Water Cycle

Acids and Bases

Acid Rain


Particle Model, Changing State, Diffusion and Pressure, Introducing Density

Practice Questions

Final Checklist for the Test: What am I expected to know for year level 7 chemistry?

Homework and Review for the TEST

1. Chapter 7 (Physical and Chemical Changes) p. 79 to 88

Do Activity 7.1 on p. 81

Do Activity 7.2 on p. 85

Do Activity 7.3 on p. 87

Do Revision Questions on p. 88


2. Chapter 9 (The Particle Model of Matter) p. 99 to 110

Do Activity 9.1 on p. 101

Copy and understand Table on p. 100

Copy and understand Figure 9.5 on p. 103

Do Activity 9.2 on p. 105

Do Activity 9.3 on p. 107

Do Activity 9.4 on p. 109

Do Revision Questions on p. 110


3. Chapter 10 (Mixtures and Separation Methods) p. 111 to 126 

Do Activity 10.1 on p. 113

Copy and understand Figure 10.7 on p. 117

Do Activity 10.2 on p. 118

Do Activity 10.3 on p. 122

Do Activity 10.4 on p. 125

Do Revision Qs on p. 126

4. Chapter 6 (Acids and bases) p. 69 to 78

Do Activity 6.1 on p.71

Do Activity 6.2 on p. 73

Do Activity 163 on p. 75

Copy down and understand the two chemical  equations on p. 76

Do Activity 6.4 on p. 76

Copy down the concept map on p,. 78

Complete the Revision Questions on p. 78

Lava Lamp
Do you know the science behind a lava lamp? 
How does it work?
Can you build one at home safely?
Waste Water Treatment .... from the sewers and rivers to your tap!
What is coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation during waster water treatment?
Check out this link:
Distillation: can be used to separate a solid from a liquid or a liquid from a liquid. Example: salt-water mixture, or ethanol-water mixture
Crude Oil Mixture and Fractional Distillation
How Can you Check to see if a substance is pure or impure?
IN the Graph Below, Which Substance is Pure? Substance I or Substance II? Why?

Challenge! (acids and bases)


Real-world application Questions - Sample A - Level Qs (Acids and Bases)


Checklist for the test - Acids and Bases: Shown in Class at then beginning of every lesson along with learning goals. Please refer to your organized class notes in your notebooks. 

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