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New Scientist - Great for Student Science Journals (Science in the News)

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

"How to think about ...

Life / The multiverse / Time / Truth / Entropy / Consciousness / Gender / Logic / Particles / Schrödinger's cat / Genes / The blockchain / Black holes /

Get your head around the most mind-bending concepts in science"

Taken from New Scientist June 30 2018 publication

Taken from MinutePhysics

Another great resource for Science in the News is Scientific American. While teaching Magnetism to Grade 8 Physics students, I chose the following article for Science Journal back in Fall 2015: Earth's Impending Magnetic Flip. Students read, discussed, asked questions, and then answered 5 questions. Worked really well and helped to consolidate key knowledge requirements of the topic of magnetism and the earth as a giant magnet.

In general, having a science journal activity alongside other curricular activities enhances relevance of science, increases interest and engagement, promotes agency, and improves literacy/numeracy skills depending on the article and source.

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