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Energy Future for Planet Earth

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Recently, an interdisciplinary unit (IDU) was carried out between Geography and Science ... with students aiming to research what energy options are best suited to specific geographical locations on Earth. It was included an element of international-mindedness as the locations were global as assigned to student teams. The 3-member teams included a businessperson, environmentalist, and city/government official/developer. Each seeked to look at a certain way of energy production (eg. nuclear) within a specific geographical area weighing the pros, cons, socioeconomic aspects as well as sustainability.

Post-project reflections:

  1. This project also has potential to organically include DEI and UN SDGs and MDGs. Exploratory questions: who benefits and who suffers when a certain way of energy production is adopted for a geographical location? winners? losers? can there be middle ground? can there be win-win scenarios? who will it affect future generations of humans not even born yet? who owns the rights to nature? any particular generation or groups? morality and ethics come into this naturally.


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