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Sulfated Polysaccharides as a potential treatment against Covid-19 infection

This article was pointed out by Alexander Gold (OCT, STEAM Expert at Deep Trekker).

In this Nature Article by Kwon et al. published July 24 2020, the authors show binding affinity based assay data (surface plasmon resonance SPR) as well as SARS-COVID-2 infection assays suggesting that the presence of sulfated polysaccharides may disrupt the binding between Spike S-protein in the virus and the ACE-2 cell surface receptor that is needed to allow Covid-19 entry into tissues. More specifically, using x-ray crystal structure of chimeric S-protein-ACE-2 complex, specific amino acid sidechains needed for this crucial interaction are pinpointed as potential candidate sidechains where sulfated polysaccharide might bind on S-protein as shown below:

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